PT Penerbit Jurnal Indonesia (IDPublishing or Academic Journals) is a scientific journal publishing organization which is part of Indonesian Journal Publisher. It has been officially registered in the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. Committed to being a professional publishing organization and having the good dedication. We engaged in scientific publishing, especially in electronic scientific journals which mainly focus on providing scientific journal management assistance services. Besides, we also engaged in application development and computer programming.

The support of a professional and experienced team makes us confident to open scientific e-journal management assistance services, journal transfers, and journal support that will describe as follows:

  • Assistant Services
    Scientific journal management is a mentoring service which manages all stages of journal starting from the submission of the manuscript to publishing using the Open Journal System (OJS). It also accompanies journal registration to national indexation and international reputation indexation.
  • Journal Transfer Services
    We provide journal transfer assistance services such as transferring scientific journal between one publisher to another. We also prepare and transfer the journal to other publishers. Find a list of Journal Transfers from one publisher to another here.
  • Journal Support
    It is a service providing tools to support scientific journal management such as Plagiarism Check. Also, we assist in the installation of OJS, Repositories, journal website creation and display of journal websites.


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Journal Monitoring

This application makes it easy for institutions to monitor publication schedules, accreditation status and indexation. The latest features of this application can be used for self-evaluation of journal readiness to register for Accreditation and Indexation. The application is designed to be simple and powerful. It is suitable for universities that have journals that need monitoring from time to time.

Article Hub

Article collections project to be published in a journal. The author can send the manuscript here and we will process it into articles that are ready to be published in journals both IdPublishing journals or another journals that we work with.

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